UAV Pilot Training


Perfect for Your Growing Team

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Perfect for Mid-Sized Teams

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At 1UP we pride ourselves in being experts in our field; after all we do this daily for a living.  If you are 1 person or a team of operators we go “beyond FAA Part 107” with customized drone training courses, and 1 day drone operator certification.  The class curriculum is organized into classroom, online drone training with simulators, and hands-on flight school at a local venue.

Learn how to fly from the experts!  The ground school portion prepares you for your first flight, including the components of a drone and what you need to “know before you fly.”  The drone components are explained so that you have a basic understanding of what comprises a drone and the basic characteristics of how a drone flies.  

Important pre-flight checklists items such as firmware upgrades, battery charging and GPS lock sequencing are reviewed in detail.  You will also learn the differences between various classes and brands of drones.  Each of you will learn step by step procedures for getting a drone ready to fly including out of the box setup and proper GPS locking techniques.  Each flight mode will be reviewed so a student understands how, why and when each mode can be utilized.  

Then we go from the ground, and simulators, to the sky with the flight school obstacle course.  You will be trained on basic and advanced flight maneuvers including take-off, landing, go home and perimeter flight.  “Know Before You Fly” best practices will then be reiterated, aligning your new-found flight experience with important safety requirements.  This training helps a first-time flier prepare themselves for a safe, fun and rewarding experience!  

Has your business decided to bring unmanned technology in-house?  Great!  UVT’s experienced consultants can work with you one-on-one to develop a tailored implementation, support and maintenance plan that suits your needs.

“This 1 day course is ideal for companies looking to utilize drones for commercial use or individuals looking to prepare for their FAA Part 107.”

.Justin Holderness, Kineticorp