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Drones reach consumers for advertising and signage through new and innovative ways. “Drone-Vertising”, videography, or as a hub of IoT.

New use cases are developing daily for internet video, concert venues, sporting events, and many other creative and out of the box ideas!

By 2019, 80% of the World's Internet Traffic Will Be Video (Cisco Systems)
Savvy marketers are using drones as a physical medium, as “actors” in video-mercials, or as surprising flying objects bringing a unique “wow” factor. Unmanned aircraft are the newest videographer’s tool to produce commercials and innovative video content offering customers unique new aerial perspectives. Drones can be a hub of emerging technologies and integrated with other technologies (such as virtual reality, cloud, and IoT). Drones are now opening the path to disruptive ways to gather data and market to target audiences.