Insurance Services, Infrastructure Inspection, and Forensic Sciences

Accident reconstruction using drones is an emerging science which allows clients to collect information very quickly from large accident scenes.

I don’t believe people realize the impact this technology will have on the insurance industry over the next 20 years.
- Brian St. Jacques, Complex Claim Director AIG Energy & Engineered Risks, AIG Insurance

1UP Insurance Services & Infrastructure Inspections we provide:

  • Pre-risk analysis and access to useful information in hazardous situations
  • Claims adjustor photos/videos as a tool following a catastrophe to assess loss exposure
  • Risk mitigation analysis and inspection services to underwriters
  • Animations and fly-throughs of accident sites for improved forensic evidence, engineering, and data gathering
  • Safely inspect and document for insurance claims with FLIR Infrared and HD aerial imagery
  • FLIR Infrared catalogs to map moisture penetration thermally in residential/commercial roof installations
  • Locate insulation thermal problems with FLIR infrared thermography cameras for insulation gaps
  • Perform audits on residential solar arrays with FLIR infrared technology