Clean Energy, Solar, Wind, Transmission Line, & Cell Tower

Drones are a safe and efficient alternative method that we anticipate will become the norm for transmission line, cell tower, and energy inspection. Choosing the right drone provider, UAV, sensor, and payload will extend drone flight times, and offer high-resolution thermal and/or optical zoom inspection capabilities for more efficient and safe inspections.

The communications, energy, and clean energy industries are perpetually gathering information for risk management from infrastructure monitoring, pipeline inspections, to encroaching trees and foliage on transmission lines.

Commercial drones are changing the way operators are auditing and inspecting wireless, and power line infrastructure by enabling a safer collection of high-resolution imagery and video of pipelines, wind turbines, tower structures, and equipment.

  • Recent studies find 1 in 3 cell tower climbs may be eliminated when aerial drone inspection becomes a routine, safe, efficient unmanned aircraft exercise
  • Locate potential hot spots within power transmission, distribution and substation systems
  • Map an entire solar array within minutes to identify electrical shunt defects
  • Perform maintenance on wind turbines with thermal to mitigate gearbox brake failure
  • Locate hot spots on boiler tubes with thermal inspection before critical failures
  • Detect thermal deficiencies in HVAC systems with thermal inspection